I am a dedicated iOS developer with a comprehensive background in web development, enriched by a deep understanding of design principles, specifications, and standards. I began my career in web development in 2002 and have since worked with leading internet companies, including Tudou.com and Ctrip.com.

My journey into iOS development began in 2011 through self-learning. Over the past years, I’ve honed my skills in Objective-C and, since 2014, have predominantly used Swift to program iOS apps. My experience also includes roles at respected firms such as Modern Media Co., Ltd., yqb.com, nonda.co and MiHoYo.com. Each opportunity has been a stepping stone that has allowed me to develop a versatile skill set and a keen insight into iOS development.

In my spare time, I enjoy contributing to the open-source community. I was an early advocate for CocoaPods, where I helped numerous third-party libraries to adopt this dependency manager. I’ve also developed several open-source projects like LTMorphingLabel, widely utilized in iOS applications, and SwiftyMenu, a handy Finder extension available for free.